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On Par with Anthony Scorcia

4.6 Southward Ho Country Club

May 10, 2014

Each Spring, there is a two-tournament right of passage for amateur golfers on Long Island. The first, is the Richardson Invitational held at the Seawane Club in Hewlett Harbor. Unfortunately, inclement weather has forced this year's Richardson Invitational to September. The second, is the Havemeyer Invitational held on the A.W. Tillinghast gem at Southward Ho. 

Southward Ho is in the process of working with Long Island native and A.W. Tillinghast expert, Phil Young to help restore Southward Ho to its original Tillinghast design. If the full plan comes to fruition, Southward Ho would now include one of only three original "Reef" holes designed by Tillinghast and a "Hell's Half Acre" or "Sahara." 
In this episode, the On Par radio show spoke with Havemeyer Invitational committee member, Lee Ann Lewis and committee chairman, John Halleron to discuss restoring the golf course to its original intent and how Horace Havemeyer saved Southward Ho.

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