UA-28339712-1 3.17: Kevin Smith PGA- Montauk Downs Golf Course
On Par with Anthony Scorcia

3.17: Kevin Smith PGA- Montauk Downs Golf Course

July 28, 2013

The easternmost tip of Long Island, Montauk, has long been a favorite summer destination for those of us who call this peninsula home. “The End,” as it has come to be known, has grown tremendously in popularity in the last decade as a vacation spot for many including a huge population descending from Manhattan and most recently New Jersey, in the wake of Sandy. In fact, its season has extended well beyond Memorial Day to Labor Day to include the better part of six months. In addition to its beaches, restaurants, parks and boating opportunities, Montauk is home to one of the best public golf courses on Long Island–Montauk Downs. “The Downs” is both a beauty and a beast. Perhaps not the beast of a Bethpage Black, but from the tips and in high winds, it will no doubt eat your lunch.

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