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My Experience at Pete’s Golf Shop

November 26, 2014

One way you can judge a merchant is by what they don't sell you. Woody Lashen, co-owner of Pete’s Golf Shop, was in studio last week for a guest spot on the show. It was great fun and we had a very informative discussion regarding the myths regarding swing speed and shaft flex. Afterwards, we hung around the studio to kibitz about the show and other golf talk before spilling into the parking lot. Right before leaving, I revealed to Woody that despite talking to him throughout the week and seeing him at the studio; we actually met three years prior. I was struggling with my driver and I wasn't quite sure that I had the right shaft in it. More importantly, I wasn't sure that it was Indian and not the arrow. So I made an appointment to sort it out once and for all.

The session went well enough and we actually used the technology that measures load on the shaft that Woody discussed on the show. Afterwards, I asked Woody what he thought. He said that he could have me spend a bunch of money on a new one, but its not the shaft. In fact, he went as far to say that I was properly fitted the first time.

Now when it comes to advanced fitting, I must admit its not dissimilar to the Seinfeld episode about finding a mechanic that you can trust. As George said, all they have to say is that you need a new Johnson Rod and you just hand over the cash. Woody could have done the same thing, but he didn't sell me a new Johnson Rod. He didn't sell me anything. 

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